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What is roof deck? definition and image. Definition of roof deck: The foundation or base upon which the entire roofing system is dependent. Types of decks include steel, concrete, cement, and wood. [ Online Chat +]

Roofing Terms - . Here are some common roofing terms: ... An alternative to plywood used for roof decking. Oriented Strand Board is made from wood chips oriented and gued in layers. [ Online Chat +]

Decking | Define Decking at . Decking definition, material, as paper or fiberboard, treated in various ways as a waterproof covering for a deck or roof. See more. [ Online Chat +]

Flat Roofs Definition & Types - AIRM. Flat Roofs Definition & Types . ... Flat Roof A flat roof is defined by having a roof pitch below 1.5 degrees or a Fall of 1 in 40 and can comprise [ Online Chat +]

What is decking? definition and image. Definition of decking: Light-gauge, corrugated metal sheets used in constructing roofs or floors. [ Online Chat +]

GAF | Glossary of Roofing Terms. Glossary of Roofing Terms. DIY Center. ... A decking made from wood chips and lamination glues. ... or at the roof edge. GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty [ Online Chat +]

Deck definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary. Deck definition: A deck on a vehicle such as a bus or ship is a lower or upper area of it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples [ Online Chat +]

ASCE 7 - National Roofing Contractors Association. RCAs online wind-load calculator, Roof Wind Designer, recently was updated to include the 2010 edition of ASCE 7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other ... [ Online Chat +]

Leading Edge definitions - Defined Term. Leading edge means the edge of a floor, roof, or formwork for a floor or other walking/working surface (such as the deck) which changes location as additional floor ... [ Online Chat +]

Roofing Terms & Definitions - Williams Roofing Company. Roofing Terms & Definitions. ... Roof deck panels (4 by 8 feet) made of narrow bits of wood, installed lengthwise and crosswise in layers, and held ... [ Online Chat +]

Glossary of Metal Roofing Terms | Classic Metal Roofing .... Our glossary of metal roofing terms will help you understand the roofing ... bearing and must be installed over solid decking rather than ... Roof Framing Styles ... [ Online Chat +]

Roof-deck | Define Roof-deck at . Roof-deck definition, a part of a flat roof used for gardening, sunbathing, etc. See more. [ Online Chat +]

Roofing Industry Terms - Joel's Roofing & Rain Gutter Co. Inc.. A comprehensive list of roofing terms posted for your knowledge and benefit. Includes common terms, phrases and definitions associated with residential and commercial ... [ Online Chat +]

Metal Roofing Terms. We ship metal roofing ... We have listed specialty words and their definitions below and we ... Battens or purlins are attached to roof decking to give a ... [ Online Chat +]

Roofing Glossary - Common Roofing Terms. Roofing glossary of terms - a list of all common roofing terms and words with detailed definitions and explanations for each. [ Online Chat +]

ronk Definition and Meaning - Dictionary Central. ronk definition - to stink. An invented word probably combining stink and rotten. Honk is a synonym. Ronk is a popular word in Liverpool and elsewhere in ... [ Online Chat +]

Translations for deck - . Definition of deck in the dictionary. Meaning of deck. What does deck mean? Information and translations of deck in the most comprehensive dictionary ... [ Online Chat +]

Deck (building) - Wikipedia. Deck (building) This article needs ... Wood or timber "decking" can be used in a ... Roof deck is a term used in urban areas referring to deck structures built ... [ Online Chat +]